Yongkang Yike Saw Industry Co., Ltd. is the only company that designs and manufactures the most models of small portable band saws in China so far. Its headquartered is in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, China, and was founded in 2004. Mainly manufacture and sell cordless band saws, electric band saws, pneumatic band saws, bone saw machines, and bi-metal band saw blades, etc.

In 2004, Yike Saw Industry cooperated with Taiwan Longying Company to develop the most complete band saw machine manufacturing technology and took the lead in developing lithium cordless band saws in China. At the same time, we keep pace with the times, constantly integrate user-friendly design into our products, and are known for automatic mechanical equipment used in production, strict quality inspection and safety testing, and always maintain high quality and innovation of products, which are popular in users around the world.         

Professional small band saws from Yike Saw Industry Co., Ltd are the powerful tool for workers with low noise, good performance, stable quality, long life, easy operation, wide application and easy maintenance.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously improved its innovation and developed hundreds of products for sale and use in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other regions. Moreover, Yike Saw Industry Co., Ltd believe, initiate and devote ourselves into the environmentally-friendly band saws in China. Putting sustainable development into practice, all our band saws save energy in working for users. Yike always tries to make a modest means in environment protection for all humans.

Yike Saw Industry has always been "quality first, be realistic and keep moving forward" as the main purpose of enterprise development, and will create prosperity together with the rest of the world and build a future together.